Winemakers' Dinners in Fenchurch
05 Sep 2017

Our exclusive Winemakers' Dinner series continues, hosted by well-renowned winemakers from all over the world.

Fenchurch's sommelier team regularly host world famous wine producers for an evening of fine wines, tasting notes and exquisite food pairings.


With selections of specially chosen wines for you to taste, whilst the winemakers delve into the complexities involved in blending traditional and modern winemaking techniques; reflected throughout their wine collections, these evenings are totally unique and memorable. 

Join us at the top for an evening of exquisite food & the finest wines...

• Tuesday 17th October - Krug Champagne, France

• Wednesday 25th October - Gérard Bertrand Languedoc, France - SOLD OUT

• Wednesday 1st November – Bock and Béres, Hungary

• Monday 13th November - Le Soula, Roussillon, France


Tickets are perfect for individuals or small groups as everyone takes a seat at the intimate private dining table in Fenchurch's luxurious Vinoly room. Tickets include a canapé reception on the terrace, followed by a bespoke tasting menu of exceptional food, perfectly paired with superb wines.

Find out more here and book your seat at the table for a night to remember - alternatively email Marc at:


More About the Winemakers…


Krug was established in 1843 and has since specialised in producing only prestige and specialised champagnes. Krug is the only firm still producing all its champagne in small oak casks, an essential element for developing Krug's intense bouquet and complex flavours. Today, Henri, Rémi and Olivier Krug, who supervise every step of production, tasting and blending, represent the 5th and 6th generations.

With long periods of maturation (6-8 years), Krug champagne continues to age gracefully after release, developing an intensely rich, nutty flavour whilst remaining remarkably fresh.

All Krug champagnes are bottled during a single session, thirty weeks after the harvest. Once bottled, they are kept in the house’s cellars in Reims. Krug characterizes this final stage of its winemaking process through extended ageing on the lees. Indeed, Krug’s main champagne, Krug Grande Cuvée stays in the cellars for at least six years, Krug Rosé for five years, and Krug Vintage, Krug Clos du Mesnil and Krug Clos d’Ambonnay for at least ten years.

Krug’s finest champagne is Clos du Mesnil, a 100%-Chardonnay based champagne that comes from a small walled vineyard at Le Mesnil-sur-Oger. It is one of the world’s greatest Blanc de Blanc champagnes.


The Bock Cellar is a family enterprise and a true national and international success story with viticulture and wine-making having been at the heart of their family for many decades, if not centuries.

Bock ancestors came from Germany to settle in Hungary in the 18th century and the family has been involved in viticulture and wine-making in the Villány wine region since 1850. Since then a love of wine and the expert knowledge of how to best produce it has been passed down the generations from father to son, out of which the present family enterprise has grown.

Leading the family business is József Bock and his wife Valéria. Valéria previously worked as a teacher, sacrificing her vocation as the firm expanded to join the family business and help create the success they enjoy today.

It was natural for the children to tread the well-worn path of their parents, and so today the whole family is actively involved in the business meaning that at present two generations of Bocks are represented by the Bock logo.


Béres is one of Hungary’s most prestigious brands. It all started in the pharmaceutical field in the 1970s with Béres Drops, a wildly successful trace-element supplement that enhances the immune system. The inventor’s son, Dr. József Béres, and his wife Klára were always admirers of both Tokaj wines and the natural beauty of the region. They decided to establish a winery to produce equally successful wines, intended to carry Tokaj’s fame well beyond Hungary’s borders.

Béres Vineyards and Winery was established in 2002, and currently encompasses 113 acres of prime Tokaj land. It is known for a cutting-edge processing plant and deep respect for traditional winemaking techniques. Even more impressive is that this area is home to the first written mention of Furmint as a grape variety, dating back to 1611. Béres was recognized as Hungary’s Most Beautiful Vineyard in 2015.

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