Sky Garden

Our Commitments!

Darwin is back - join us 155m above the city for your post-lockdown celebration.


We are committed to ensuring your experience is both enjoyable and safe. We are dedicated to maintaining all necessary health and safety standards whilst offering the very best hospitality and delivering an excellent dining experience in a safe and responsible way.

Below, we have detailed some of our pledges:

  • Face coverings are mandatory, unless in a restaurant or bar
  • Floor queuing markers will indicate the required social distance between visitors outside the venue and through reception.
  • Lifts will be limited to 6 people as a maximum to ensure we all maintain social distancing guidelines.
  • All staff will be fully trained to manage queuing, ensuring the required social distance spacing between guests.
  • Within Sky Garden we have considered any potential bottle neck areas which may occur at peak times such as restaurant entrances, the terrace entrance, the exit lifts and toilets. We will be adding social distance stickers on the ground for guests queuing to observe.
  • Within the restaurants, tables will be safely distanced to ensure guests and our staff are social distancing, in line with guidelines.
  • We will ensure waiters are limited to a set number of tables to reduce interaction with multiple diners.
  • We will be only accepting card payments to limit touchpoints.

We look forward to welcoming you back – there’s no better place to celebrate London re-opening.